The Draw / Set-Up

The draw simply refers to pulling the bowstring back. Learning to draw correctly will prevent injury and give you greater stamina and accuracy. The following is he draw sequence.

  • Stand tall ensuring that you are well balanced and that you are not tense. Remember that your back should be straight.
  • As you raise the bow take in a 70% breath.
  • Raise your bow arm and drawing arm together to eye level.
  • Your bow shoulder should be placed low and pushed towards the target. A hunched shoulder will tense muscles that should be relaxed during the shot.
  • Your elbow should be straight with the crease perpendicular to the ground. This will improve clearance and help keep your shoulder in position.
  • The drawing hand should be relaxed with the back of the drawing hand flat back the string to your anchor position.
  • Remember to keep your draw balance. This should be 50% drawing the bow and 50% pushing the bow towards the target.
  • Make sure that at full draw the bow hand, drawing hand, arrow and draw arm elbow are in line with each other.
  • Bring the string to your anchor position in a controlled manner, while keeping your head straight.

If you are doing it right you will feel your shoulder blade moving toward your spine. You will feel strong, stable, and comfortable.

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