About Grey Goose Archery

Starting Out

Hello, I’m Sean, founder and director of Grey Goose Archery. My love affair with archery all began a while back when my father-in-law took up archery. Once I saw his bow I thought “that looks great” and I booked on a local archery course. I was immediately hooked and my wife soon became an archery widow as I started entering competitions and spent more and more time practising.

At my local Archery club I soon found myself helping out with newcomers to the sport and having found that I enjoyed this I then decided to take coaching qualifications with Archery GB – the national governing body.

Archery for Schools

In the early days I had been a house husband and so had been at home with my young son, but once he started school I made the decision to form Archery for Schools. The decision to focus on archery provision for schools was borne out of the satisfaction I received when coaching juniors at club level. I enjoy working with schools and continually seek to find new ways to deliver archery to children of all ages and abilities.This has led to me training to become an instructor with NASP, an American archery programme for schools, and I am one of very few qualified NASP coaches in the UK.

In addition to coaching I found time, and still do, to enter competitions and I was invited to join the Cambridgeshire County Squad in 2008.

Archery Events and Coaching

In 2010, in response to more and more queries about the provision of 1 to 1 coaching and courses for beginners, as well as archery for corporate events, festivals and parties I decided to form Grey Goose Archery. Grey Goose Archery continues to provide quality and tailored archery provision for schools, but also provides archery for weddings, parties, and corporate events as well as regular coaching sessions for beginners and the more advanced.

I am currently a County Coach (through Archery GB). I have been Cambridgeshire County Champion 5 times to date, the Cambridgeshire County Team Manager and an active member of various coaching groups.


I am spending more and more time with various county Archery coaching groups and I am continuing to develop international coaching links. I also enjoy the historical side of archery which is why I shoot longbow in addition to recurve and compound bows. This has led to me collaborating on academic research involving prehistoric archery as well as North African archery.