Archery Club Handicaps

A handicap is a number between 0 and 100 and is intended to indicate the ability of an archer, the lower the number, the better the number.  An archer has different handicaps for Indoor and Outdoor rounds.

Handicaps tables are provided by Archery GB and give a handicap for every round and score.  The tables can be purchased from Archery GB, but there are a number of software packages available to calculate your handicap, including a free online version.  Use your favourite search engine and search for “archery handicap”.

However, the best method is to send them to the Club Records officer (ME) and they will add them to the clubs copy of the handicap software and publish them on the website.

Frank 42
Vic 50
John P 72
Julian 61
Fran 75
Andy K 71
Erin 86
Kenny 64
Kath 88
Dave C 58
Dave L 39
Leo 81
Roy 94
Shane 81
Den 22
Maria 48
Haydn  Nothing for Compound..
Mel 46
Chris E 43
Matthew E 64
Chris Steadman 60

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