36 at 30 club league

The clubs 36 at 30 league takes place on the first and third Sunday of the month starting at 2.00pm.

FormatShoot 36 arrows at 30m
6 sighters
NameBow TypeDistanceScoreDate
Senior 30m – Male
Senior 30m – Female
Laura WrightCompound30m3442/5/21
Senior 30m – Male
Simon ScotneyRecurve30m30916/5/21
Haydn BrookRecurve30m20716/5/21
Senior 30m – Female
Senior 30m – Male
Hayden CookBarebow30m2772/5/21
Barry LyonsBarebow30m25518/4/21
Jim GarstangBarebow30m24918/4/21
Paul SimpsonBarebow30m6116/5/21
Senior 30m – Female
Abi WatersBarebow30m18716/5/21
Antonia MassonBarebow30m11116/5/21
Senior 30m – Male
Barry LyonsLongbow30m18716/5/21
Senior 30m – Female
Sam WrightLongbow30m17716/5/21

Zombie Special event results

Thank you to everyone who took part at our April 2021 zombie shoot. We are looking forward to seeing you all again soon.

Hayden            236 (Course Record)

Gary S             224

Marcus            222

Aby                  210      

Mark                210

Darren             196

Helen              196

Terry                194

Carl                  192

Julian               192

Jake                 186

Jordan             186

Blair                182

Ronnie             182

Jessica             180

Andy                170

Cyme               166

Liam                166

Sharlie             158

Chloe               158

Tom                 156

Cody                156

Peg                  150

Dennis             142

Ted                  136

Barney             134

Codie               134

Jonny               106

Holly                96

Lyn                   70

Amy                 70

Primary Schools – Archery Workshops

Our archery workshops are the ideal way to introduce archery to your primary school.

We can offer workshops for children of all ages, over half days, full days, activity weeks or long term projects.

The activities can be designed to suit your requirements. For example we recently provided archery for a Robin Hood topic.

Longbow leasonsThe children were to able to handle our medieval longbows, replica arrows and other resources.

We also have various work sheets for teachers. An example can be found here

Zombie Archery Event

Our next special Zombie Event is happening on the 26th June 2021. Booking info will be released shortly.

Our Zombie events are aimed at getting everyone involved in the fun from complete beginners’ to experienced archers from the archery community. We’ve recently added more sessions, more times, and introduced family friendly sessions.

We have been working hard to make sure your archery experience is fun while closely adhering to COVID safety restrictions.

Our special event sessions last 90 minutes and cost £12 per archer. They are available for 8 years upwards, and all the equipment is included.

All our sessions take place at our private shooting range in West Norfolk. 

Bookings can be made by using the calendar below. Please select the date and time you require. The session time, date and cost is then highlighted below the calendar. Additional people can be added by clicking the time selected again.

Once you’ve filled in all the boxes complete the captcha verification then press submit.

You’ll then be taken through to Paypal for payment. Please note you do not need a PayPal account; just a valid bank card. All payments are non refundable.

**IMPORTANT** If we unfortunately need to cancel due to Covid-19 we will reschedule as soon as possible.

Security Code:
security code
Please enter the security code:


Prizes will be awarded for the highest score achieved per session.

On arrival at The Quarry you will be taken to a safe zone where you will be given your introductory training session in readiness for fighting the zombie infected.

You will be provided with all the safety equipment needed as well as the necessary bows. Once your archery skills are in place you will be taught where the zombie kill zones are in readiness for leaving the safe zone.You will then enter the critically infected area of The Quarry where you will need to put your archery skills to the test.

Can you locate the zombies and hold your nerve long enough to eliminate them before they eliminate you?

**Our Latest COVID-19 info**

23/2/21 – Following the governments announcement regarding the roadmap for England we will be running archery and axe throwing experiences from 29th March 2021 onwards. These sessions can cater for up to six people from up to two households! 

Please remember it is really important that the number of people visiting us at any one time is kept to a minimum. Therefore, shooting opportunities will be limited and controlled to ensure the safety of everyone.

Below are our Covid-19 guidelines.

On arrival at the car park please leave 5 metres between cars to allow social distancing.

If you have your own equipment, please put your bow together at the rear of your car and leave your bow case etc in your car.

You MUST practice social distancing at all times and maintain a distance of at least 2 metres from anyone who is not in your household.

On arrival YOU MUST clean your hands with the sanitiser provided. This will be labelled and on a table.

Toilets are not to be used and will be locked. Please come prepared i.e. go beforehand.

There is also no first aid kit available; so please come equipped

Spectating is actively discouraged. However, attendance of a parent/guardian (non-participant) or a carer for a disabled archer is permitted. Parents/guardians/carers are limited to one per archer; with social distancing strictly observed while watching the sessions.

You MUST NOT come to archery sessions if you show symptoms of any illness, but in particular of Covid-19. These are highlighted on NHS Direct and include:

  • A persistent and dry cough
  • A temperature

If you are symptomatic, living in a household with a possible COVID-19 infection or if you are classified as extremely vulnerable on health grounds, the guidance is that you should remain at home.

You must notify us should you develop symptoms after attending the archery range.

Each target will be restricted to two archers or one group of archers if from the same household.

All the targets will be placed 4 metres apart which is the distance recommended by Archery GB.

Please shoot at a distance which you are confident at i.e. you can hit. Any arrows which miss the target must be found within one minute. This is so archers are not delayed since sessions will have to adhere to strict timings. Any arrows still missing can be found at the end of the day’s shooting and you will be told where to collect them.

After the session, you should sanitise your hands. All surfaces and Grey Goose equipment that has been touched will be disinfected after the archery session.

We will be providing one free target face for you to keep. We ask that you either re-use this on another session or dispose of at home after use. You may purchase and bring your own target faces to sessions or we will have some target faces for sale.

At the end of the session please remove the target face and place your target pins in the bucket of disinfectant provided.

We kindly ask that once the session is over that you leave quickly so as to allow other archers to start their session. We also ask that you do not congregate and socialise after your session is over.

On leaving the Quarry please close the gate behind you and remember to sanitise your hands as soon as possible. It is recommended that you bring your own personal sanitiser with you.

We hope to see you all very soon. 

Stay safe 

Team Grey Goose

Zombie Halloween Results

Thank you to everyone who braved the weather and attended our 2020 Halloween Zombie Shoot. We had fun; hopefully you all did too.

We are intending to run a New Year’s Zombie Shoot on the 1st / 2nd January 2021. Obviously this depends on lockdown restrictions etc.

Please follow us on social media to keep up to date with our latest events. It would be very much appreciated if you could take the time to leave us a review on social media @greygoosearchery.

The results for the Halloween Zombie Shoot are as follows:

Please note that not all score sheets were handed in so please contact us if you would like to have your scores added.

  • 1. Barry 232
  • 2. Geoff 230
  • 3. Archery god 228
  • 4. Steve 228
  • 5. Fat boy 226
  • 6. Andy 222
  • 7. Maria 220
  • 8. Geoff 217
  • 9. Den 212
  • 10. Terry 212
  • 11. Ronnie 208
  • 12. Witchy Peg 204
  • 13. Dave 202
  • 14. Chloe 202
  • 15. C Anne 198
  • 16. Marcus 196
  • 17. Dave 196
  • 18. Laura 196
  • 19. Debbie 186
  • 20. La La 184
  • 21. George 178
  • 22. Ellie 178
  • 23. Julian 178
  • 24. Gary 174
  • 25. Helen 172
  • 26. Elliott 169
  • 27. Iain 166
  • 28. Darren 162
  • 29. Jack 160
  • 30. Ella 158
  • 31. Hannah 152
  • 32. Dan 142
  • 33. Jessica 140
  • 34. Tik Tok 136
  • 35. Holly 136
  • 36. Rhys 132
  • 37. Michael 130
  • 38. Ghislaine 128
  • 39. Siân 128
  • 40. Sally 128
  • 41. Andrew 128
  • 42. Wizard Den 126
  • 43. Sam 126
  • 44. Cody 116
  • 45. Neil 110
  • 46. Kieran 110
  • 47. Amy 108
  • 48. Barney 106
  • 49. Jake 96
  • 50. Sophie 92
  • 51. Owen 88
  • 52. Fraser 68
  • 53. Catty Lyn 66
  • 54. Kelly 54
  • 55. Jonny 50

Christmas Gift Vouchers

Experiences make for unforgettable Christmas presents!

Our Experience day gift vouchers make a great present for everyone in your family. You can choose from Target archery, Axe Throwing, Zombie archery and even shooting an English Longbow.

Prices start from only £20 per voucher and are valid for 1 year.

They can be redeemed on any of our Experience days which take place regularly at our Blackborough End venue near King’s Lynn venue.

  • 60 minute Archery coaching session
  • Learn to shoot on different types of bow including modern compound, and the recurve bow
  • Shooting games
  • Groups no larger than 12
  • At our Blackborough End venue
  • Valid for 12 months

To order your voucher today please click on this link. Once payment has been completed we will contact you via email.

Coronavirus (COVID‑19) guidelines

“We’re Good To Go”

Grey Goose Archery has been awarded the UK-wide “We’re Good To Go” industry standard and consumer mark by Visit England. This is awarded to businesses that are following public health, government COVID-19 and industry guidance on cleanliness and social distancing.

Grey Goose Archery have worked hard to put safety measures in place so that we can offer a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone. We have implemented several new precautions and have updated our risk assessment so that it addresses the risks of COVID-19. We follow the guidance of Archery GB (the governing body) as well as keep up to date with new government guidance as it is issued.

Please contact Grey Goose Archery if you wish to have detailed information regarding our COVID-19 policy. The following is a list of some of the measures that we have in place at the current time; we will respond to government, public health and Archery GB guidance as soon as it is issued.

• To adhere to guidance on social distancing there is now 4 metres between each target and only two people (or one group from the same household) may shoot on each target.

• Coaching is done while maintaining social distancing.

• All the equipment (target faces, arrows, bows, etc) are sterilised after use.

• There will be no sharing of equipment other than with members of the same household.

“We’re Good To Go” Covid-19

Good To Go EnglandGrey Goose Archery has been awarded the UK-wide “We’re Good To Go” industry standard and consumer mark by Visit England. This is awarded to businesses that are following public health, government COVID-19 and industry guidance on cleanliness and social distancing.


Grey Goose Archery have worked hard to put safety measures in place so that we can offer a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone. We have implemented several new precautions and have updated our risk assessment so that it addresses the risks of COVID-19. We follow the guidance of Archery GB (the governing body) as well as keep up to date with new government guidance as it is issued.

FAQ about your Beginners’ Course

Who will be teaching me?

You will be taught by our team of qualified Archery GB coaches.

Sean Fox – County coach

Frank Moore – Level 2 coach

Maureen Pellett – Level 1 coach

Jenna Ramsey – Level 1 coach

Dennis Williams – Level 1 coach

Laura Wright – Level 1 coach

How long is the course?

The course lasts for a minimum of 6 hours of structured lessons. The 6 hours will either be over a weekend, or during the evening. Your learning is however ongoing, and our coaches are always on hand to help.

Where do the lessons take place?

Beginner courses are currently held at our outdoor venue: Grey Goose Archery, Mill Drove, Blackborough End, PE32 1SW

Are the lessons indoors or outdoors?

All lessons take place outdoors, however we do have shelter from the weather.

What happens in bad weather?

A decision will be made if it is safe to shoot or not. In the event that a session has to be cancelled additional dates will be offered.

What should I wear?

Clothing should be well fitting tops, not loose sleeves or baggy jumpers. Comfortable flat shoes or trainers (no open-toed footwear please).  Long hair should be tied back away from the face. You are shooting outside, so be prepared.

Is there an age limit?

The recommended minimum age is 10 years due to the physical demands of archery and no maximum age limit.  Any juniors under the age of 14 must be supervised on the shooting line by a parent or guardian.

Do you have a child and vulnerable person protection policy?

Yes, and we also fully comply with the ‘Safeguarding Children and Young People’ policies and guidelines issued by Archery GB. The club has a Safeguarding Officer.

Will I need to bring any archery equipment of my own?

No, it is all provided by Grey Goose Archery

What sort of bow will I be shooting?

We only teach beginners using the “Recurve” style of bow. This will give you the “basics” of shooting and enable you to shoot other styles such as longbow, flatbow or compound later.

Is shooting strenuous?

Archery is a physical sport and will require a degree of mobility and strength. Our bows come in a wide variety of strengths and you will be matched to a bow that suits your individual abilities. Should you feel any pain or muscle ache please tell your coach immediately. If you have a disability which you think may affect your training, please inform the course organiser when you book onto the course.

How big a group will I be trained in?

There are normally about 12 booked onto each course. We aim to deliver coaching on a one-to-one basis. This is not always possible and sometimes one coach will look after two students.

Will there be any physical contact between the coach and the archer?

Yes, a degree of physical contact will be necessary during the tuition.

What happens at the end of the course?

All successful candidates are awarded a certificate.  This can be used to prove a basic level of competency to join an archery club.  During the course, you will be given information about joining Grey Goose Archers as a full member.


Refunds are only offered in exceptional circumstances or when cancellation is more than four weeks before the start date of the course.

Data protection

Grey Goose Archery are committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. Personal information will be stored and handled in line with GDPR.