General Archery Questions

How qualified are your coaches?

All our coaches are fully licensed Archery GB coaches (not archery leaders or instructors) with enhanced CRB clearance and child protection course certification. As well as coaching archery our coaches shoot regularly recreationally as well as competitively.

Our lead coach is involved at a national level in developing innovative and creative ways to deliver archery and is collaborating on academic research regarding North African archery.

Are you fully insured?

Yes, all our coaches have full archery specific insurance.

Events and Corporate Activities Questions

What happens if it rains?

As it is not possible to book the sunshine along with your archery events, Grey Goose Archery always has a wet weather contingency in place.

For our outdoor events, we will provide gazebos where guests can shelter in the event of a heavy downpour and we can provide disposable waterproofs for each guest.

How much space is needed to run an archery event?

We find that a space of 70m x 20m is the most suitable as this gives us the most flexibility for our archery activities. However we can work in most spaces, however small, if required. If you have any questions please get in touch.

Can you run an archery event indoors?

We have run archery events in sports halls, village halls and even barns. Please contact us to discuss the suitability of your venue.

What are event payment options?

There are two pricing options available:

Pre-Paid in Full by the Event Organiser
Where any visitor to the event can enjoy target practice, or;

Visitor Pays
Where we will charge an agreed fee for participants to pay if they wish to take part.

Event footfall, cost and position of stand and travelling costs are all taken into consideration in our pricing, which is why we ask you to contact us for a more accurate idea of price. We will always ask for a deposit from the event organiser regardless of the pricing / payment option you choose.