Two of the best Compound Drills

My first bow drill is designed to help you focus on aiming. Draw you bow as normal and relax into your anchor point. Place your thumb on the trigger, and apply a little pressure but don’t shoot he bow. Just aim for 5 seconds and then come down.


Do this three to five times, take a break, and do it again, several times. Continue to do this drill for a week without shooting an arrow.

This drill will build up your ability to hold steady on target longer. It also teaches you to focus solely on aiming and to separate this from punching the trigger.



Blank bossMy second drill involves shooting blank-boss.

This drill has been around for a while and all the top archers will spend hours upon hours shooting it. It’s simple.

Get close enough to a blank target that you can’t miss, or use your regular target and close your eyes. Then shoot while concentrating on just one aspect of the shot—the release, form, follow-through anything but aiming.

“It’s great for perfecting a smooth, surprise release, one that you can execute subconsciously.”

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