Zombie Archery Experience – Norfolk

Zombie Archery Experience

The archaeological dig at The Quarry in Norfolk is causing major concern since the archaeologists have not returned home.

No communications have been received after the last email which said the team were preparing to open an unusual box they had discovered. Police Officer Denbie was rapidly despatched to check on the team, but he has not returned. At 15:00 hours Officer Denbie was heard over the police radio shouting “Kill me. Kill them. Kill me now” before his radio fell silent.  At 15:45 Zombie infected were sighted at The Quarry by motion sensitive cameras.

The Zombie Archery Twins

Zombie Archery

The authorities require a rapid response team to go to The Quarry and bring the situation under control quickly to prevent the infected reaching the surrounding area.

As a member of the rapid response team your mission will be to enter The Quarry and eliminate any infected you find. Will you be brave enough to take on the challenge?

Will you get the zombies before they get you?

Below, you can find lots of information about our packages and location in West Norfolk. If you require any further information please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Locating The Quarry

Halloween Zombie Shoot